Rejuvenation Engineering TM 2018

Greetings, RTR® OIL Trading would like to present to you, our Winter Test Comparison Video. The objective of the winter test is to compare the viscosity of the test samples being deep frozen at subzero temperature for 24 hours until it achieves -12 °C. The test consists of two test samples, the first bottle is filled with brand new pure 20W50 mineral based engine oil; the second bottle is filled with the mixture of RTR OIL and brand new 20w50 mineral based engine oil.

In our first winter test, we will be testing the samples in small amount to simulate the oil that is flowing in narrow passage. As we all know that, the smaller the amount of the oil, the easier the oil gets frozen. From the documentary video above, we can clearly see that the RTR OIL mixture flows more freely and it is easier to spread all over the surface equally, as compared to the pure 20w50 mineral based engine oil.

Until this moment, you would be thinking, how does it help my engine?

RTR OIL improves the oil flow in the narrow oil passages and provides more protection for the parts that are involved in Variable Valve Timing Technology such as VVT, VTEC, MiVEC, Vanos and so on. As it is easier to flow inside the narrow passage of the VTC solenoid valve to the VTC actuator, it will lubricate and leave a protection film in between the rubbing metal parts. Moreover, lubricating the connecting rod bearing is an easy job for RTR Engine Treatment Booster Oil. As a result, there will be less friction, less engine noise, and less heat. In return the engine will gain more responsiveness and longer lasting engine parts.

In the next winter test, we INCREASED THE VOLUME of the oil samples so that we can clearly analyze the difference in viscosity of the both samples. We can clearly see that the RTR Oil mixture is again flowing more freely as compared to the pure 20w50 mineral based engine oil. And it also leaves a thin coat of lubricant on the wall. This is very helpful during cold start, where it commonly hurts the engine parts the most, because of inefficient lubrication. RTR Engine Treatment Booster Oil effectively helps to reduce friction by leaving a coat of lubricating film on the surface of the metal between the moving parts.

Therefore, it also helps to protect the engine from friction and allows the engine to move more freely which contributes to the engine torque and horsepower improvement. Imagine that while the crank shaft is trying to splash the engine oil in order to lubricate the cylinder wall at subzero temperature and the oil has thicken due to cold weather, it will be like stirring honey that would not splash high enough to reach the cylinder wall. By mixing with RTR Engine Treatment Booster Oil, the engine oil will not get frozen easily. Therefore it will flow, splash and be squirted through oil squirters or oil jets easily.

As we can see , a thick layer of regular mineral based engine oil is sticking on the wall of the bottle on the left for a longer period. It is because of its higher viscosity, which means that it will take extra effort for the piston ring to scrape off the excessive oil off the cylinder wall after the power stroke and intake stroke, where air and fuel mixture is drawn into the combustion chamber.

In the second winter test session, the bottle on the right shows that RTR OIL mixture has already flowed to the bottom and leaving a thin sufficient layer of oil to coat and lubricate the wall. The viscosity of the RTR OIL mixture is lower and it is easier to be scraped off the cylinder wall by the piston ring and leaving a thin and efficient lubricating film of oil to reduce friction that helps to improve the freedom of movement. Hence it also improves engine horsepower and torque.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for spending your precious time to watch our winter test documentary video, we hope that you have learnt about the improvement and advantages that RTR Engine Treatment Booster Oil can bring to your engine. And remember, taking good care of your engine doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. With RTR Engine Treatment Booster Oil every single engine part that the oil reaches is properly lubricated and well protected. Drive To Discover, Let The Performance Speaks For Itself.

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